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The SP Dual Tight Quench Head

  • A true bolt on head using low dome pistons
  • For maximum performance try our SP designed CP piston and ring set for increased compression ratios of 12.1
  • The specially designed peanut shaped chamber and dual squish bands has the ability to increase stock compression by as much as a full point with low dome pistons
  • The Sorensen Performance Dual Tight Quench Heads have the ability to give the shovel head engine power equivalent to the newer Evo and Twin Cam engines.
  • In fact, these heads are so efficient that they actually make their best power at 13.9 air fuel ratio.
  • As an example, we took an ordinary 93 inch shovel head motor and installed our custom JE pistons with a finished compression ratio of 11.1. We then installed an old Andrews M grind cam, mounted a super G carburetor and topped it off with S&S 1.5 roller rockers. The engine consistently dyno-tested at 108hp and 108ft lbs. of torque. And, that was accomplished with straight 92 octane pump gas.

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Complete Custom Head Porting available on request!

Flow Bench Testing available on request!