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93” Shovel Dyno Sheet

This engine has SP heads with 270 cfm at 28” and contains SP JE pistons with the dome milled to 11.1 compression and Andrews M grind 264 cam. It has a S&S Super G carb and manifold with 1” spacer, ported and port matched to 1.780 opening. It has a Midwest single fire ignition and coil. It was equipped with 1 3/4 drag pipes and had 1.5 S&S ratio roller rockers.

This engine makes consistent dyno runs of 107-108 hp and 107-108 ft lbs or torque consistently on 92 octane pump gas. We added a 2 into 1 pipe which added 10 hp and 10 ft lbs to all the lower numbers under 4000 rpm.


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