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Introducing the SP Conversion Blocks

We have developed a complete line of Evo based cams for shovel conversion blocks. Please call us for further information.



Compare us to the Competition

Our heads are 6061 Billet fully CNC machined and fully ported out of the box. They can be ordered with a 1.94 up to 2.17 thin stem intake valve high tulip and 1.71 thin stem exhaust valve (for superior flow) high tulip and Manley .650 - .700 lift spring packages with titanium retainers. The intake port floor is raised 3/8” with a 1.750 intake opening. We added fin area around the entire head to improve cooling. But, we didn’t stop there. We also added fin area to the top of the head to help eliminate overheating of the center part of the head. Our bolt on adds approximately one half pt to one full pt of compression with a low dome piston depending upon application. We also moved the valve angles to allow for greater valve to valve spacing. Finally, we added our unique peanut shaped chamber with dual 30 degree squish bands.  Sorensen Performance has produced a head that all others will be judged from and can truly say is the best Shovelhead on the market period. The competition pales in comparison.


Comparison No. 1.

This company’s heads contain a raised port floor with a stock (inefficient) hemi combustion chamber. Ported heads are not flow bench tested before being sent out to the customer. They have a lift capacity of .550 and use stock 3/8” stem valves. The exhaust valve is a 1.75 that shrouds the port, causing turbulence and low flow. This head is also a cast head not a billet CNC machined head like the SP. This company actually cuts the fin area off their heads which, causes the head to run hotter and can actually result in overheating during high performance applications. Overheating of the head, softens the head, which in turn, causes the insert to fall out and ultimately results in engine failure.


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Complete Custom Engine Building on request!

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