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Comparison No. 2.

The second company uses stock replicas of Harley Davidson heads with no improvement at all. These heads have a stock low port floor (which severely limits flow). Again, this head is a cast head not a billet CNC machined head like the SP. This company’s heads again have only .550 lift capability and use a 1.72 exhaust valve for improved flow. These heads also uses the 3/8” valve instead of the lighter thin stem valves.

As you can see from our comparisons, we have designed a completely different and vastly improved head that will dramatically increase horsepower and performance. Please refer to the dyno sheets we have attached featuring two of our builds.

SP Dual Head Prototype with customs JE Piston and Pin and the all new SP Reaper Cam  

SP Custom Built Reaper Cam Shafts

For best over all performance, we recommend that builders use a 30 tooth transmission pulley on any bike with a high performance cam shaft.

As well, when using our SP9 cam or any other higher compression cam it is important that you use at least a 3.37 or higher drive ratio to obtain optimum results. We are available to discuss the engine that you are considering building and, would be pleased to make suggestions or recommendations to help you pick the right cam and combination of pieces, to ensure you get the best results possible.

Please note, that all of our Reaper cam shafts are Evo based cam profiles and require S&S or SP conversion blocks for use in Shovel engines.

Also, please note that the use of our Reaper cams in Evo engines will require the builder to add .035 to the valve lift depending upon the lobes chosen for the cam!

(Please see the custom cams and specs. on the following page)

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Watch for a complete line of our custom high performance parts coming soon!

Custom Pistons and Cams available. If you don’t see a cam that fits your needs on the cam page let us know and we will custom design a cam that will fit your needs!