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93” Shovel Dyno Sheet

This engine has the same SP heads as the previous build and has 11.1 final compression with SP JE Sportsman pistons. This engine has the S&S conversion blocks and SP256 duration .650 lift cam. It has the same Super G carburetor and manifold with 1” spacer. It also has the Midwest single fire ignition and coil. For test purposes this engine was run with 2 into 1 1 3/4 custom made pipes with a 2 1/2” outlet. It had the S&S l.5 ratio roller rockers and was also tested on 92 octane pump gas.

This engine produces 106 hp consistently and with tuning will bounce to 108. Please pay particular attention to the torque and horsepower increase at the lower numbers over the 264 grind. With a slightly larger valve and a little more head work this engine has the potential to run consistently at 110 hp.


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