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   Sorensen Performance has Expanded with more CNC equipment . Also we are proud to announce we have aquired 1 of 10 Mondello wet flow benches built! We also are accepting heads for rebuilds or porting and flow testing work. 

    We are offering full chassis dyno services, as well as Superflow Water brake dyno testing on Vtwins and V8 engines.  Sorensen Performance also is offering inhouse mechanic services as well, specializing in Highperformance mods to make your older Vtwin melt the pavement.


Introducing the high performance “Evo Conversion Velvetouch” lifter blocks for the Pan/Shovel Head Engine, Evo Conversion Flat side cover and Evo Conversion Lifter blocks that accept Shovel sized lifters ! AND Small stem .310 Aluminum Bronze Profiled conversion guides!


New for 2018 !

 We simply felt it was the right time to give shovel head aficionados the ability to bring their shovel head’s into the 21st. Century with not only improved performance but the ability to make power equivalent to the more recent Evo and Twin Cam based engines.

 We are pleased to provide you with some of the best parts to ever be made for the Pan/Shovel motor. The Billet Velvetouch lifter blocks will now let people choose 6061 aluminum over Cast Iron.  And the newest block to be released this spring is a Evo Conversion block with a Shovel Lifter sized hole.. so now you can convert to an Evo cam and not toss your expensive lifters into the garbage!  Also coming 2018 Evo Conversion blocks that utilise ShovelHead lifters !

 A flat side Evo conversion cover for the flat side motors. Looks stock on the outside but is machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum. The cover is taller than a stock cover and special machining inside to allow direct drop in of an Evo Cam! No more having to take an evo cam and machine the snout down ruining the cam. Pop off the cover and slide in a dif cam and go! Unlike the old Sifton design it looks stock and doesn't have that ugly evo ignition boss sticking out. Nice and sleek and sleepery.   Cover will be available in Std flat, and a ribbed version shortly after.

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