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Sp 142" Shovelhead

The 142" Shovelhead 15,900$ USD for a complete motor turnkey an dynotested.

  • Flat top piston -Domed upon request

  • Evo valvetrain with Sp Billet Lifterblocks and 4340Rollerrockers

  • Billet intake

  • 45MM  Ultima G Carb

  • Ultima Ignition

  • Mild 9.1 Flat tops, 282/284 .640 lift.. Stage 1 heads flowing 298cfm@650  makes easy 130Hp/130Tq @5600

  • Custom hand ported heads with 2.100 x 1.7 valves, upon request we can upgrade to 2.25 x 1.7 valve with more port work or 1 off stage 6 Ovalport heads or higher compression for some serious HP.

  • 5" Stroke TO flywheels with CP Carrillo H Beam Rods.

  • This engine comes with the best parts on the market today for your shovelhead, there is no comparison!



Complete Custom Head Porting available on request!

Flow Bench Testing available on request!