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Sp Billet Cylinders






  • 3 13/16 use standard base and feature internal drains

  • 4.250 Barrels use Ultima base and feature internal drains.

  • 3.5" and 3 5/8" Available on special request

  • Different bolt patterns on the base of the 4.250 bore barrels available on special request.

  • Cylinders are CNC machined from solid 6061 Aluminum, making these the finest cylinder on the market for your Shovelhead.

  • Sleeves are made in the USA by La Sleeve and replaceable, making these the last cylinders you will ever have to buy in your lifetime. No more worrying, just replace the sleeve, rebore and your back in action again.

  • Natural barrels  $1599.00 USD




Complete Custom Head Porting available on request!

Flow Bench Testing available on request!