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Billet Smallbore Shovelheads


             Dual Quench Fast Burn Chamber 

  • Heads use a 7\16x 14 coarse pitch thread !! CAUTION Do not use Stock head bolts or any S&S or aftermarket fine thread Harley Replacement bolt they will not work and will ruin the threads.

  • Tq Heads to 40lbs !!

  • We all know a motor is an airpump, it takes a Head with good Airflow backed with good Velocity! You need X amount of Air with X amount of Compression and X amount of camshaft to make a certain amount of HP.  Airflow is extremely important, if you want more power you must increase the airflow demand into the motor to achieve more hp.. increasing velocity alone will not build the big Hp and TQ numbers you are after.   And our heads Deliver ! No fancy cross talk about math and formulas , WE have the tools required to do the research and the answers when you ask !!  If you want to build power, what your are lookin for is right here ! WE KNOW what it takes to build power and can help you with the parts you need to achieve your goal.


All heads come with Dual Decompressor ports for super easy starting.

Billet heads are available in 4 configurations.

Stage 1-

  •  Heads come set up with a 1.90 Intake valve giving 265 cfm  @ .650 lift rated in 28" of depression. A stock shovel head flows roughly 194cfm.  You are gaining almost 70cfm over stock! This head can support 100+ hp in a 93" motor with 256 degrees cam timing and 11.1 compression.  This head is intended as a drop on replacement and will work with most exhisting cam profiles.  This head is recommended for most applications.

  •  A properly built 80" with 256 cam timing and 11.1 compression and a 44mm carb and good exhaust should be able to hit 95+hp.

  • $2599.00PR

Stage 2-

  •  Heads come set up with a 1.94 valve giving you 275cfm at .650 lift.  This head is moving some real air and will make some real topend horsepower numbers. On smaller motors with a shorter stroke look for a camshaft with a tighter lobe seperation for best power.

  •  With A Stage2 head your allowing more air and your motor will reward you with more ponies at the rear tire! These heads love an Evo based camshaft with high lift and quick ramps.

  • $2699.00PR

Stage 3-

  •  Heads come with a 2.02 valve giving you 288cfm + at .650 lift. . Generally more suited for hot 80" and up with the small cross section. Easy 120hp in a 106" shovel and evo cam.  Loves compression and will build killer power even with 240degree duration cam. Larger seat is added and bowls are worked for the additional flow , each head is flow tested. An 88" motor should be able to achieve 110+hp with this head.

  • $2999.00PR

Stage 4-

  •  Heads come with a 2.100 valve and will flow 302-305cfm @ .650 lift. Generally suited for motors where you just have to have as much HP as you can make! Small engines should maintain 200lbs cranking compression for best results. Larger seat installed , bowls are ported and heads flow tested.  Will make over 115hp in a 93" motor with hot 256 Evo cam and 44mm carb and 11.2 on pump gas. Will make 130hp@6000rpm in a 106" Shovel with right cam, compression and carb.

  • $3599.00PR

  • Stage4 with BigBore port and cross section, this head is recommended for max power small inch high reving motors or larger engines like 114.s
  • $3699.00PR

  • All  Stage 4 heads come with the chambers hand blended. Properly set up engines should be able to run at 210lbs cranking compression with pump gas and no detonation

  • Stage 5  NEW !  Introducing for you HP junkies that just can't get enough power, the Stage5 head. We install and hand port the heads to accept a 2.25IN x 1.710EX with special custom valves to still provide TDC room for large cams. With this head shorter duration cams with high lift will perform best for street driven engines. IE 240 to 256 Duration with .630-.650 lift. Also available with the larger BigBore Port as well. It DOESN'T get any badder than this.  We have the Best designed , Best flowing bolt on Shovelheads in the World there is no equal! 340cfm@700lift!

  • $4599.00PR

Complete Custom Engine Building on request!

Dyno Testing and Tuning on request!

All prices in USD.