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Billet Super G High Flow Intake

 This intake comes from over 100 hours of flow bench testing and actual on engine use. The shovelhead intake by general nature is a very poor flowing intake manifold and the super G manifold is even worse.  Savvy racers know that it takes many hours of welding and recontouring the entire intake to make them flow any real air for performance.  Bolting this intake on will gain CFM on any shovelhead wether it flows 245CFM or 320CFM.   Truely the best flowing intakes on the market for your Shovelhead, there is no equal!

  • Each intake is CNC machined from a solid block of 6061 T Aluminum and then handblended to ensure the best possible flow available.

  • Below is an example of a test we just did on a ported shovelhead head and ported super E manifold.

  • Head consisted of a 350$ port job and 2" Intake valve.

  • All testing done at 28" with a radius on the intake to smooth the incoming air for accurate testing.

  • $299.99

.100- 78.5












  • This is an O ring head, now watch when we bolt on the billet intake manifold even with the small mismatch at the port entrance. The airflow smoothed out and airflow jumped.
















Complete Custom Engine Building on request!

Dyno Testing and Tuning on request!

All prices in USD.